Aero Club News

Grab interest

Come along and take your first step into Aviation. This flight is usually your first flight to becoming a Private or a Commercial Pilot

Generate excitement

Come and see the beautiful sights along our famous coastline, as you fly along the coast at around 1000 feet, you might even see some wildlife such as a Dolphin, Manta Ray, or Whales when migrating or even a Shark, all can be seen at times with our clear blue seas and white sand.

Our Past History

Since our humble beginnings in 1928 the Coffs Harbour & District Aero Club has been an air work operatot, and training establishment as well as an operatinga regisgered and licensed premises.

The Aero Clubhas in the past operated a charter and airwork operator, carrying out joy flights, photographic servaliance, survey work and shark patrol